• Need some advice ?

    Need some advice ?

    A faithfull approch
    of your philosophy for
    a tailored communication !

  • The totem

    The totem

    The all-in-1 communication
    medium !
    Inflatable, luminous and
    fully customizable

  • Stand out !

    Stand out !

    Together we gather
    the graphic elements
    which will be the emblem
    of your company !

  • Web & Internet

    Web & Internet

    Social networks ? Websites ?
    We help you to untangle
    from the web !

  • Communication strategy

    Communication strategy

    By your side, we define
    the target and media the most
    suitable to your campaign !

  • You got an idea ?

    You got an idea ?

    Our agency guide you
    all allong your projects and
    together we make your ideas
    come to life !

The agency

CORAIL is a global communication agency. Driven by all the aspects of communication and strong of a 15-years experience we will bring your ideas to life and provide you what you are looking for to convey your message. From the first brief to the final product, we realize a visual identity that defines you, your business and your environment. We will then fit your requirements and let our creativity comes up with all the needs you might need : logo, print, signage & decoration, website, web application, video animation....

Our team

Gaël Ferrari Gaël Ferrari Graphic designer
Jean-Noël Vignaroli Jean-Noël Vignaroli Webmaster
Nathalie Prévost Nathalie Prévost Public relations
Michael Sayad Michael Sayad Salesman
We moved out !

We moved out !

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An innovative communication medium !

An innovative communication medium !

Those that follow us since the beginning (you are the best !) have probably seen or…

A new sign for Massei wines retail

A new sign for Massei wines retail

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Are you up for a Cabaret ?

Are you up for a Cabaret ?

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