New !


We moved out !

02 Sept. 2019 à 14:37

Back to school, there is something new ! The agency Corail welcomes you now in its new office located 25 avenue Noël Franchini (Residence Orée du Bois) After some painting, drilling…

An innovative communication medium !

17 Jan. 2019 à 11:28

Those that follow us since the beginning (you are the best !) have probably seen or series #CorailEnCorée on Instagram last April. The most attentive ones might have notice a special…

A new sign for Massei wines retail

06 Sept. 2018 à 11:05

Burned by the sun, the sign of Massei wine retail got a second life. The recto/verso sign, located on the route to Mezzavia, is made of 2 170 x 150…

Are you up for a Cabaret ?

25 Mai 2018 à 9:25

The association l'Entrée des Artistes will soon unveil its new show, modernized a music-hall that will be aired at Ajaccio's Congress Hall on june 28th and 29th. Our agency creates all…

Corail agency is (finally) born !

27 Mar. 2018 à 11:25

Here we are ! The Corail agency is born ! After several month of thinking, a lot of papers and even more coffees we are glad to open the doors of our communication…

What is Corail ?

20 Fév. 2018 à 14:34

CORAIL is a global communication agency. We create visual identities, develop websites, and in a global way answer to all the communication problems. The team is composed by three persons passionated…

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